Poosh, the Name

Consider this the first in a series of posts diving into the branding behind your favorite, or hopefully soon to be favorite, brand, Poosh® Designs and Apparel.

So why did you decide “Poosh?”

I knew I wanted something that was unique to me. I thought about leveraging the P sound as an homage to my surname, Prindiville. From there I remember just thinking out loud, making sounds until I stumbled on “Poosh.” When I first heard it, I really liked how it sounded. It was short, playful, and made me think of a sound you’d read in a comic book. That type of imagery and fun undertones really resonated with me and how I imagined the brand. So, after a bit of research, making sure there wouldn’t be any issues, I had my brand name.

Ok; so Poosh it is. “Where does it come from and what does it mean?”

If you look up Poosh in a dictionary, you won’t find anything. Poosh has no meaning in the English language. I do believe it has meaning in middle Eastern countries, but I don’t know the specifics. I’ve tried to do some research, but for me any meaning gets lost in translation, maybe if I knew Farsi. That’s a big part of what made it perfect for this brand. I was building something new and wanted a name that was just as new. A name that would both help define and be defined by the brand I was building

But this brand isn’t the only Poosh, right?

Yes that’s true. Although the name was original to me, I wasn’t the first Poosh out there. There were others before me but, none in the retail space. I can proudly say I established the first Poosh lifestyle brand, having registered the trademark back in 2012.

Poosh, registered trademark since 2012

I admit there has been some competition on the name (another story for another time), but that hasn’t stopped us from staying original. No matter the competition, our style and designs set us apart from all others. We are Poosh® Designs & Apparel

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